While there are many reasons to sell a home at auction, Forbes has highlighted 4 major benefits to selling a home at auction right now.

1. There is no price ceiling when you sell at auction. When selling via other methods, you will never receive more than you ask for. That isn’t the case at auction, where the saying “the sky’s the limit” holds true.

2. You’ll arrive at true market value faster, and eliminate ongoing expenses. It’s often difficult to accurately “price” a home for sale. If you price it too high, it won’t sell, and your expenses (mortgage, insurance, taxes, and maintenance) will continue to add up. If you price a home too low, then you leave money on the table. With a competitive auction, you can more quickly hit the “sweet spot” and get it sold, thus maximizing your return.

3. Auctions attract serious buyers. Sellers can spend a huge amount of time with people who are just casually interested, or may not be serious buyers. This can stall the sales process, and make it more challenging for you to spot real buyers. Auctions, however, tend to attract serious buyers. In fact, the entire auction process acts as a filter for the merely curious, which takes a lot of stress off of you as a seller.

4. You choose the date and time your property will sell. Holding onto a home can be expensive, factoring in all the related expenses. The sooner you sell, the more you save (and keep). An auction is a fast way to eliminate expenses.

Memphis auction company, Juris Auctions, will provide you with a complimentary evaluation of your home’s auction potential. In addition, they can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. If you want to make sure you get true market value for your property in the quickest time, you’ll want to get in touch with them today to learn more. You can reach Juris Auctions at 1-901-254-8200.

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