(Memphis) Juris Auctions has been appointed to auction the Lexington, Tennessee home of retired NASA Chief Electronics Technician, Marlyn Heikes. Heikes was actively involved in the historic Apollo 11 moon landing, the Gemini space program, and the U.S. space station, Skylab. After his time at Florida’s John F. Kennedy Space Center, Heikes and his family moved to Lexington, Tennessee, where he has since been active in the community. His daughter, Marsha, remembers her father’s involvement in the space program fondly. She notes that back in those days, her family had the rare privilege of being able to see up close and actually interact with the equipment and technology that went into space. Her father received commendation for his contributions, including a certificate heralding him as being, “instrumental to the success of the Apollo and Skylab programs.”

The Heikes home is located in Lexington’s popular Pine View subdivision, just minutes from the water, and includes boat ramp privileges. Lexington is a scenic community located midway between Memphis and Nashville.

It was decided to sell the home at auction because an auction is quick, convenient, and a reliable way to make sure people would know about the home’s availability. Memphis-based Juris Auctions was selected to conduct the auction because of their innovative marketing, and proven track record.

The home will be sold at online auction on March 25. Those interested in bidding are advised to contact Juris Auctions for more details. The auction company can be reached at 901-254-8200, or via their website at jurisauctions.com.

More details:

SOLD! Home & Land In Beautiful Pine View – Lexington, TN


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